Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It turns out the computer noise is coming from my graphics card! :o

So I looked into my computer issues (read blog post below for more detail) and it's not my hard drive or computer fans after all!  It's the graphics card!

I am amazed at the timing of when my computer decides to crap out on me.  It always has to be right before some kind of vacation or when I plan to use my computer a lot.  ( - ___ - )

It's so funny when I think back because when I first heard that motor noise, I was literally doing something like this:

In my desperation, derka derka! 8D

So I finally finished watching the k-drama 49 Days and it was so SAD!!!  Honestly, I was expecting the happily-ever-after kind of ending but the writers decided to do a 180 on me and create this ending that was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.  With that said, I was bawling my eyes out for the last few episodes;

I'm surprised my eyes didn't swell up that much the next day. :/

I'll probably be writing a review for it once I get my graphics card in the mail.  I hope it doesn't take too long.  I'm still amazed at how great that drama was and how it just drew me into the story.  It seemed like I couldn't really predict much and it threw in a lot of surprises for me.  And the BIGGEST catch was that there was absolutely NO kiss scenes whatsoever between the main characters!!!!!! ( @ O @ ) <@#$^%^#$%%?????!!!)
.... and yet I could feel how much they loved each other.  I feel like this is a drama that isn't tainted by anything physical and it's all emotional and you can see it in the characters' actions and just through how they express themselves with their eyes.....  *Sigh...* I loved it sooooo much and I can't wait to write a review for it~!

Today I went around to different thrift store because I'm trying to find a plastic dresser/drawer for some of my clothes.  I failed to find any though so I'll probably end up buying it from Target like I do with everything else.  xP

I had to order a new graphics card even though I dusted my current one; It's still making this annoying sound and it's sort of  letting off some kind of exhaust...  Well,  I'll have to wrap this post up soon or I might die from gas poisoning, lol.

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