Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Break is almost here!

I'm so excited right now because of a few reasons:

1. I finished my pathophys exam.
2. I finished my taxes and feel just a bit richer.
3. I set my work week where I work more for these last two weeks before spring break so I can actually have a break.

I planned it out so perfectly.  The only issue I have right now is this stuffy nose and slight cough I seem to be developing.  My stupid brother has strep throat and has been hacking away in the house without another care in the world.

My B and T cells seem to do their job really well though because although I do get some slight cold symptoms, it usually goes away within a few days and I never actually get the full blown illness.

Okay, skip forward a couple days later because I had to get back to this post.  My cold symptoms are almost completely gone.  I've been eating a lot of clementines and drinking lots of green tea so I think I'm okay now.  xD

And sorry if this is too much info, but I'm so glad I'm almost over 'that time of the month'.  It would really suck if I had to deal with it later..

Every time I get my period, I feel a bit like how Inuyasha feels during his time of the month where he turns human and is more vulnerable to demons, lol.

Sorry, horrible analogy I know but I really do feel this way, and this is the biggest reason why I hate dealing with it every single month.  This is especially when I have to work and I'm so much more susceptible to bitchy people (aka, the demons). 

Today is a really beautiful day.  It's really windy but the sun is out and the temperature is mild so despite the strong wind, it's nice weather.

I played a game of fetch with Scruffy and now I'm relaxing in my room.  I'm thinking of cooking more during my spring break because I've hardly been cooking these days.  It makes me a bit sad because I do love cooking.  On the other hand, my mom has been cooking a lot and she even made breakfast this morning.  She toasted some mini croissants and made cute turkey sandwiches.  ( ^ _ ^)

Not much else is going on.  I'm currently trying to find another job that's full-time.  I'm getting slightly tired of the redundancy of the cycle of putting away clothing or whatever it is I'm doing at my current job.  It's just gotten boring and tiring.  It's this feeling where you think you can do better than this.

There's not much else to report for now.  I'm just finishing up this week of school and some work days.

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