Monday, August 8, 2011

Hard Sleeper

I slept till past noon again... *Sigh..* not something I'm too proud of. I got carried away last night updating blogger. (-__-) It can be too addicting figuring out the html and browsing cute widgets~

Work was slightly boring this past weekend but it was better on Sunday. Sometimes the sales are just so dead, time passes by very slowly. It's a good thing I brought a book but sometimes even that doesn't help because I can't be reading my book for a long stretch of time while lots of people are coming in and out of the shop (it's somewhat rude).. May I make note that even though there can be lots of people if the sales are dead, it still feels like a slow day. (T^T)

So it makes sense that I would spend all that remaining brainpower figuring out html coding at 2:00 in the morning ne??? (>.<)

I'd better get myself REALLY busy today so I can fall asleep at a more appropriate time. Perhaps I'll be more tired. Can't have this going on while school's in session. I plan to take my dogs for a looooong walk and maybe cook something up. Make use of myself, you know?

I think tuna roll sushi is good for tonight. :3 The two babies are sleeping around. Poor things. It's super hot outside right now, in the 90's and I can't be walking them in THAT. It's like torture, especially toward the older Lady. I'll have to wait until the heat wave passes.

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