Friday, August 19, 2011

Relaxing Day in May

I found these pics from 2011-05-14. It was a very peaceful day doing almost nothing, lol.

The house was so clean! I think it's because we had that quaint small coffee table instead of our usual large 6 seater one that was still with my dad in WA. Babycakes is resting in one of her favorite spots. :3

CLEAN~!!! (*o*)
This was one of those furikake packets from Uwaji. It's a pretty good idea to have egg, rice, and furikake mixed in one. It's one of those emergency food things where you didn't think about dinner and have no other options. xP

Good emergency food since we usually have rice and eggs on hand. ;)

Tea drawer.
Love the hot water dispenser. A MUST buy if you live in a cold environment. Worth every penny (as long as you get a fair price that is). We bought ours for around $100 a year or two ago.
Ahhh... Hoji-cha.......... ("^_____^") It makes me feel so toasty warm inside. <3 <3 <3

And here's the carb-packed midnight snack! Sourdough bread and maki wrapped arare! I know it's fattening but I LOVE my carbs! xo

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The egg looks so yummy!