Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tarzan of the Apes

I finished this book last night staying up until 1am. (>_<)

I really love the story of Tarzan. There's something very intriguing about a baby being raised by apes and learning to survive in the jungle.

Edgar Rice knows how to make his descriptions just so appealing. My eyes were glued to the pages whilst reading about the interactions between Tarzan and Jane. Jane was thinking most of the time how hot Tarzan was, lol. There's lots of reader candy with the constant reminders of how handsome and perfectly toned Tarzan's body is, hurhur. ;)

I'm a sucker for romance stories, especially with a hero as physically perfect and chivalrous as Tarzan.

The story is cool too and I'm patiently waiting for tomorrow when I can go to the library and borrow the next volume to see what happens with Tarzan and Jane~! I'm so happy because I checked the library last night and they had the book checked in. Guess not too many people are borrowing Edgar Rice books now? I wonder if the Harry Potter fans are still getting over the finale of the movie season so perhaps they're reading the HP book over again. (  " ̄∀ ̄")

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