Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucky Star

I started watching this after seeing a lot of Lucky Star hype on yt. I really liked Nostromo's Hypno Star AMV so that sort of made me more prompt with watching it.

This show is so full of cuteness and moe that it's coming out of my ears (">o<") I love the slice of life quality about it and the parodies this show makes are hilarious. A few memorable anime parodies this show does is Code Geass and Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I especially like Anime Tencho (AKA Meito Anizawa) from the manga shop, lol.

Crazy shop dude...... I'd be seriously scared to enter a store if a shopkeeper like this was in it, lol.

Konata is my fav character. I've never seen an anime otaku that was female. I like her relaxed, fun-loving personality (n_n) She's really short like me so maybe I feel a higher kinsman-ship with her as I'm short, orz. She has this personality that I really like. Maybe it's that anime craziness yet she's so funny about it. . xD

I recommend this anime to anyone who's looking for a slice of life type of story with excellent animation that parodies and questions Japanese culture and anime through the lives of your average schoolgirls (well................ maybe not so average, haha).


Animation: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Seiyuu: 5/5
Music: 5/5
Re watch: 4/5

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